Do you suffer from blisters?

Here is the story of a runner who for several years suffered terribly from blisters on his feet. Sometimes, after a marathon, they could be the size of a small egg and looked very unattractive. After such a race, he usually had to live with the discomfort brought on by this state of affairs for several days.

Then one day, Eureka, the blistering stopped! It wasn’t a miracle or any less running or racing. It was the discovery of DOUBLE LAYERED SOCKS! These are socks you can purchase at any store catering to runners and I quote from one such emporium:

These socks are made up of two layers: an inner layer hugs your foot and slides against the outer layer, insulating your skin against friction, reducing the risk of blisters. The outer layer features large vent panels for increased breathability. They feel good on, and certainly keep your feet blister-free and comfortable.

Yes, that runner was me. So, blister sufferers, go get a pair today and run with a smile on your face. This advice is totally without charge.


A member of TRC

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

You may have well run at some time through the cemetery but have you ever noticed the gravestone of Danny Kassap on the north side between Yonge and Mount Pleasant? First of all, who was Danny.

He came to this country from the Democratic Republic of Congo in his late teens and soon established himself as an excellent runner. He eventually became one of Canada’s better marathoners and won many of the races in which he competed with times under 2 hrs. 20 mins. Danny was well known on the Toronto running scene winning a large number of local races at all distances. He was also a good friend of ex club member, Jamie Black whom many of us know.

Unfortunately, Danny had a heart condition which eventually affected him fatally. Sadly, he died in 2011 at the age of 28 and is now buried in the cemetery. This was possible due to members of the Toronto running community providing the necessary funds through donations from runners.

So if you do pass Danny’s plot while out on a run, take a good look at the epitaph and all the medals donated by sympathetic runners.