Night Running Safely

A few reminders on running safely in low light or darkness:
1. Always have clothing with reflective stripes and go the extra mile with flashing lights too. The driver who almost or does hit you may be in the wrong but that’s no consolation to you and in fact may be a big pain in the neck. Small but bright flashing lights are available at most running stores and Mountain Equipment Co-op in the bike section. Don’t get a light that dangles from a zipper pull or the rattling and bouncing will drive you nuts. Get a light that clips onto a hat, a pocket or whatever.

2. If running in a group on a road, even a quiet one, all run on the same side of the road facing traffic and you make it much easier for a car to pass and make it safer for the runners.

3. Don’t let someone who has no reflective clothing or lights run on the outside of the group closest to the traffic as those people are invisible to drivers and actually endanger the rest of you.

4. Just when you thought you were safe because you got a new jacket with reflective stripes, BANG, a driver nearly ran you over because he didn’t see you as he made a turn. It happens a lot even to those WITH lights and reflectives so don’t think you’re highly visible with them. Be cautious at intersections. Waving your dark gloves to a driver at night is useless and only slightly safer if you have reflective material on the part of the glove the driver can see.