Visiting Toronto?

If you are visiting Toronto from anywhere else for whatever reason and happen to find us through our website, you are welcome to join in our club run on either a Wednesday night or a Saturday morning.  On a regular basis non club members come out to run with us who are either visiting the city, the country, or from another area of Toronto.  We welcome all who run with us! Here are some recent visitors.

Maya Maya was in Toronto from Tokyo, Japan for 3 months studying English. We all enjoyed Maya’s short stay with us. She is an accomplished trail and ultra distance runner and also enjoyed her beers at the pub after the Wednesday night run. FROM MAYA (23 Sep 2013) Hi Bob and Peter, How have you been?  Do you enjoy running at TRC? I’m doing well. After I came back to Japan, I was very busy at my new department. I’m in charge of investor and public relation. The opportunity that I use English is very increasing. I feel it is really difficult to use English in business. So I’m going to enter the University from October. I’ll take a Business English Course every WED and FRI after I finish my work. Do you know I have never belonged to any running clubs before?  I had a ton of fun in the TRC, so I started running with a running club. I usually run at center of TOKYO on TUS night and then go for beer with them. When I run wearing TRC T-shirt, some runners asked me ‘Did you live in Toronto?’ There are a lot of ‘Ultra’ and’ Trail’ runners in my running club. Thanks to them, my run is improving. Three weeks ago, I got third place in 35K trail running. One week ago, I completed 110 K trail race for 17 hours 35min. I miss you. I often think of the days I lived in Toronto and you, guys. I hope I can see you again sometime soon. And I hope you’ll take good care of yourself. Have a great time! Maya Yoshimura

Olga Olga was in Toronto temporarily working on her PH. D at York University.  She was from Cartagena, Spain and an avid marathon runner. She also enjoyed her beers with us at the pub. We’re connected with her through FB.

Alice Alice was here on a study leave from….yes Alice Springs, the outback town in Australia. We don’t think the town was named after her (think movie and/or book!)

3 New Yorkers Breezed In One Saturday morning, we were joined by Chris, Will and Dave from New York City who were en route to run in a race the next day in Montreal. They were all in their 20′s which explains why they not only ran pretty hard the day before the race but then went into Eglinton Park to do a few strides. Phew!