Ed Whitlock – Runner Supreme

Ed and AlanWho is Ed Whitlock you might ask if you haven’t heard this name before. Well, he’s the most amazing phenomenon on today’s world running scene. Okay now, let’s explain why.

First, he is currently 82 years old. He is not someone jogging at the back of the pack; he’s someone running near the front. And if he were a member of TRC, he would be, if not the fastest, definitely, one of the fastest.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it but let’s add the figures.

He holds 15 world records ranging from 1500 metres to 10,000 metres as well as many half and full marathon world records achieved in the 65+, 70+, 75+ and 80+ age categories.

When he turned 70, no one had broken 3 hours in that Marathon category but Ed did in 2 hours 59 minutes and followed that up with an incredible 2 hours 54 minutes when he was 73! Since turning 80, he has run 3 hours 15 minutes! He also finished a half marathon at 81 in 1 hour 38 minutes.

Ed was born in the UK and did run as a teenager but then gave it up and didn’t start again until his 40s. His training regime is to run daily around a cemetery in Milton, Ontario where he lives. Each training run is around 3 hours.

If you ever get to meet Ed, you will find he is the most modest man you will ever come across. He has also been examined by many sports doctors and others trying to find out what is so special about this runner. Ed himself says “Maybe it’s that I had an uncle who lived to be 106″.

What’s the betting that Ed will be breaking more records when he is 90!