Greepers Creepers

Have you had the frustrating experience of your shoelaces coming undone during a race  or on a really cold day even though you tied them in multitudinous knots? Well, help is at hand.

A product which has for some strange reason been given the name Greepers is your salvation. I am thinking the name comes from some derivation of the word “grip”. Anyway, I recently bought a set which are in actual fact, a complex pair of laces and laced them up on a pair of shoes that notoriously come undone regularly during runs.

Now you might believe that’s all there is to it. Just buy a pair and problem solved. Not quite. First, one has to read the instructions which come in 5 different languages and has illustrations right out of Ikea. You need a Robinson screwdriver, a calliper, a compass and a strong drink at the ready. Only kidding, just the strong drink is essential. After around 15 minutes I had completed lacing up one shoe.

So did these Greepers work? They certainly did! I’m not sure when I will attempt to use them for another pair of shoes. Probably when another set of laces decide to unravel. How much do these miracle laces cost and where can you buy them? I bought mine at a race expo but I feel sure they must be available at regular running stores. Price paid – $10.00 plus tax. The strong drink can be purchased at either a beer or liquor store.

Bob Glazier